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Best Email Help Desk Software


10 Email Ticketing Systems For 2022: Best Email Help Desk Software. One of the most difficult aspects of customer service is keeping track of and managing customer interactions.

10 Email Ticketing Systems For 2022: Best Email Help Desk Software

This is especially true when such exchanges take place over email, which, if not properly managed, may soon become overwhelming.

Email Ticketing Systems
Email Ticketing Systems

That’s when email help desk software, often known as an “email ticketing system,” comes in handy. Help desk software is designed to make client interactions easier to manage by centralizing all customer communication, including as emails, support requests, chat transcripts, and more.

However, with so many email help desk systems to choose from, it can be tough to know which one is best for you. We’ll go over the best 10 email help desk software platforms in 2022, ranking them based on features, price, the convenience of use, and a variety of other considerations so you can make an informed choice. Let’s get this party started!

Top 10 Email Help Desk Software for 2022

The top 10 email help desk software platforms are shown below, based by feature set, pricing, and utility.

With its rich features and flexibility, Zendesk is the best email help desk software.

Freshdesk – The best software with a full array of customer service solutions.

ProProfs Help Desk – For small organizations, this is a fantastic email help desk.

Zoho Desk is a fantastic all-in-one tool.

Hiver – A fantastic alternative for organizations that utilize Gmail.

HelpCrunch – An excellent choice for firms that employ a variety of communication methods.

For small enterprises, LiveAgent is the ideal support desk email software.

SolarWinds Service Desk – The best help desk ticketing solution that also automates processes.

Intercom is the ideal help desk email software for increasing customer interaction.

SpiceWorks Help Desk is the best free help desk email system available.

We’ve gone over each software product in-depth and compiled a list of features for each platform so you can compare them more readily.

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So, how can you choose the best email help desk software for you? Let’s look at our top recommendations in more detail.

  1. Zendesk is the greatest email help desk software available, with a wide range of functionality and flexibility.

Zendesk is a customer support software startup that provides small and large organizations with help desk and CRM software. The firm was established in 2007 and is based in San Francisco, California.

The Zendesk platform is a ticket-based system that helps businesses manage customer support interactions. It provides a set of tools to assist firms in tracking customer interactions, automating operations, and increasing customer service efficiency.

Zendesk’s user interface is simple and intuitive, making it simple to find what you’re looking for. All dialogues are centralized in one location, ensuring that contact between customers and service providers is both efficient and personable.

With a help center and a community forum, you can improve your client experience. Zendesk’s platform gives you the tools to empower customers while lowering the number of support requests they need by providing self-service choices such as online tutorials or built-in live chat functionality on every page of your website.

Zendesk is also very scalable, which means it can expand along with your company. It comes in a range of options, with the cheapest starting at $49 per month. There are additional enterprise plans available if you require more advanced functionality.


Ticket management: The Zendesk platform provides a ticket-based system for enterprises to manage customer support interactions. This allows organizations to keep track of client contacts, automate operations, and increase the efficiency of customer service.

Customer service measurement: The program also offers tools that allow firms to track customer satisfaction levels and measure the performance of their customer care operations.

Zendesk is a prominent help desk software company that has received numerous awards and honors from various industry journals. The organization is also well-known for its customer service, which is often regarded as among the best in the industry.


Simple to use

Exceptionally adaptable

Customer service is outstanding.

Plans that may be scaled to fit the needs of any size company


A paid subscription is required for some features.

Suite Team Plans start at $49.00 per person.

Zendesk is a great place to start.

  1. Freshdesk – A complete set of customer service tools.

Another great email help desk software option is Freshdesk. It has a robust set of customer service capabilities, including an email ticketing system, live chat, a knowledge base, and more. Freshdesk also includes a powerful reporting and analytics tool that may help you understand how well your customer care is performing.

Freshdesk allows you to customize ticket forms and workflows to meet your individual requirements. You can also save time by using autoresponders and prefabricated responses when replying to typical questions. Freshdesk also provides built-in language translation options if you need to serve customers in multiple languages.

For firms with up to ten employees, Freshdesk offers a free plan. Paid plans start at $15 per month and go up depending on how many employees you have and what features you need.


Freshdesk integrates with Twitter and Facebook to allow businesses to connect with their consumers on social media and create a forum for customers to interact with the company.

Freshdesk has a mobile app that helps companies to manage customer service while on the road.

Freshdesk Marketplace – The Freshdesk Marketplace has a variety of add-ons and integrations that companies may utilize to improve their customer service.


A comprehensive set of customer service tools is available.

Simple to use

Platform for robust reporting and analytics

Small enterprises get a free plan.


Integrations are limited.

Price: A free plan is available. Upgrades begin at $15.00 per agent.

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  1. ProProfs Help Desk – For small organizations, the best email help desk choice is ProProfs Help Desk.

ProProfs offers the easiest-to-use email-based help desk software ticketing system on the market, which is as simple to use as Gmail. Agents can instantly change the priority of a support ticket to ‘High,’ ‘Low,’ or ‘Normal,’ ensuring that urgent tickets are always treated first.

The best part about using ProProfs is that you’ll have access to a range of customer support tools including live chat, a knowledge library, and a survey builder to help you deliver excellent service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Internal comments, custom fields, ticket labels, internal chat, and other collaboration features enable customer support teams to accomplish more as a group.


User-friendly — The ProProfs Help Desk Software email system is meant to be user-friendly, making customer support and technical assistance operations simple for enterprises of all sizes.

Real-time Collision Detection – This ensures that tickets aren’t issued unnecessarily and that consumers aren’t contacted twice for the same problem. This feature aids in the improvement of customer service and the reduction of time spent resolving problems.

Create and send NPS (Net Promoter Score) and CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) surveys to customers to measure customer satisfaction levels.


Simple to use


Customer service resources that are excellent


Issues with complex ticket routing

Plans for the Help Desk start at $15.00 per month.

Proprofs is a website dedicated to professionals.

  1. Zoho Desk is a fantastic all-in-one tool.

Zoho Desk is a customer service software that includes everything you need to give outstanding customer care. You can manage client inquiries with Zoho Desk’s email ticketing system, live chat, knowledge base, and other features.

In addition, Zoho Desk offers a powerful reporting and analytics platform that provides you with valuable information about your customer care performance. These insights can be used to improve your procedures and guarantee that your staff gives the best service possible.

For enterprises with up to three agents, Zoho Desk offers a free plan. Paid plans start at $14 per agent each month and go up depending on how many features you require.


Help via several channels – Zoho Desk enables organizations to give support via email, chat, and phone. This enables firms to provide customer service in the most convenient manner for the customer.

Templates and keyboard shortcuts – Zoho Desk includes built-in templates to assist firms in swiftly creating and sending typical responses. Businesses can also use keyboard shortcuts to respond to clients more quickly and efficiently.

Mobile apps – Zoho Desk has mobile apps for Android and iOS devices that allow organizations to manage customer service from anywhere.


Customer service software that is all-in-one

Platform for robust reporting and analytics

Small enterprises get a free plan.


The learning curve is steep.

Pricing: A free plan is available. Starting at $14.00 per agent, the Standard upgrade is the most affordable option.

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  1. Hiver – A fantastic alternative for organizations that utilize Gmail.

Hiver is a customer service software that connects with Gmail to offer an email ticketing system, live chat, knowledge base, and other features. Hiver makes it simple to keep track of client inquiries and offers a variety of resources to assist you in providing exceptional service.

Hiver allows you to develop bespoke ticket forms and workflows that are tailored to your individual requirements. Help desk managers can assign emails to their team members as tasks with a single click. Agents can mark emails as ‘Open,’ ‘Pending,’ or ‘Closed,’ to better organize and manage customer communications.


Email labels – You can use labels to help you manage your emails. For example, you could tag all of your customer support emails with “Customer support.”

Hiver interacts with Google Sheets, making it simple to track client progress and generate reports.

Collision detection – If two team members try to modify the same email at the same time, Hiver will warn them and tell them who last edited it.


Gmail integration is available.

Simple and easy to use

Ticket forms and routines that can be customized

Monitoring of activity


Mobile app functionality is limited.

The Lite plan starts at $15.00 per user per month.

Pay a visit to Hiver.

  1. HelpCrunch – An excellent choice for firms that employ a variety of communication methods.

HelpCrunch appears to be a standard email ticketing system at first glance. HelpCrunch’s UI, on the other hand, has a few minor features that set it different from the competition. It color-codes tags, for example, to make it easier for users to determine the status of tickets. Because a customer care professional must work rapidly, the ability to assess information quickly is critical.

Internal notes are also available in HelpCrunch, which is a unique feature. Reps may engage with each other through comments in open cases to decide the best way to connect with the customer. You might find this useful if you’re dealing with a challenging situation that necessitates the aid of a product specialist or customer service manager.


Live Chat – Its live chat function allows companies to engage with customers in real time. This enables firms to provide immediate assistance to their clients, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and sales.

Email Marketing – Businesses can send automated emails to their clients using HelpCrunch’s email marketing function. This allows companies to stay in touch with customers while also promoting new products and services.

Auto-messages — Businesses can use HelpCrunch’s auto-messages tool to send automatic messages to their consumers. This allows companies to stay in touch with customers while also promoting new products and services.


Tags with different colors

The function of internal notes

Chat in real time


Customization options for reporting are limited.

The Basic Plan starts at $12.00 per agent.

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  1. For small enterprises, LiveAgent is the ideal support desk email software.

LiveAgent is the greatest email integration help desk software on the market when it comes to providing excellent customer service. It has a wide range of features that are ideal for both small and large businesses. This program was built with the goal of assisting organizations in better managing customer service. A ticketing system, a knowledge base, chat support, and phone assistance are all available.

One of the most appealing features of LiveAgent is its ease of use. Even individuals who aren’t particularly tech-savvy will be able to use it with ease. The software’s design is simple to grasp and use, making it a delight to use.


Workflow Automation – With LiveAgent, you can automate time-consuming and repetitive operations. Agents can leverage prefabricated solutions for common client issues, automate the ticket routing process, and set time or SLA constraints to speed up the support process.

Ticket Tags – Ticket tags can be used to help organize and track your tickets. This is a fantastic method to stay on top of all of your support inquiries.

Automatic Ticket Routing – With automatic ticket routing, you can assign tickets to the proper agent quickly and easily. This will save you time and ensure that all tickets are dealt with as soon as possible.


Interface that is simple to use

Several features are available.

Processes that are dull and repetitious are automated.

Restrictions on ticket routing and service level agreements (SLAs)


Only a limited number of automated responses are available.

The Ticket Plan starts at $15 per agent every month.

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  1. SolarWinds Service Desk – The best help desk ticketing solution that also automates processes.

SolarWinds Service Desk is a strong candidate when it comes to choosing the finest email help desk software. It has a user-friendly interface, powerful features, and plenty of scalability to suit businesses of all sizes. Users are welcomed with a sleek and modern UI when they first start the program. They can immediately access all of the functionality they need to manage customer support queries from this page.

You can customize the dashboard to highlight the most important KPIs for your team and company. Agents can gain important visibility when requests are received through the SolarWinds service desk. They can immediately track the status of all tickets assigned to them and evaluate the service level agreements (SLAs) connected with specific requests.


Ticket Prioritization – By dragging and dropping tickets into the appropriate order, agents can quickly and easily prioritize tickets.

Automation Rules – You may use automation rules to automate processes like allocating a ticket to a certain agent or sending it to another department. You can generate thorough reports on agent productivity, customer satisfaction, and other metrics.

Agent-Friendly Interface – The interface is clean and modern, making it simple to use. Agents have access to a variety of useful capabilities that help them manage customer service requests.


The user interface is elegant and contemporary.

The program’s capacity to scale

There are integrations available.


Some small firms may not be able to afford it.

Pricing: The Team Plan starts at $15 per month per agent.

Solarwinds is a great place to start.

  1. Intercom is the ideal help desk email software for increasing customer interaction.

Intercom is a help desk application that allows businesses to manage customer service. Ticketing, chat, and voice help are among the features available.

On your website and mobile apps, Intercom’s Inbox allows you to easily categorize and respond to email and social media comments. Agents may reply to consumers even while away from their workstations utilizing native iOS and Android applications.

You can create separate inboxes for support and sales using this customer service email software. Additionally, your agents may use permissions, notes, and mentions to communicate effectively with challenging clients.


Prefabricated Solutions – For commonly asked queries, you can save time by developing and using canned responses.

Intercom will immediately create a ticket and assign it to the appropriate agent whenever a new conversation is started as a result of an email or social media post.

Bots driven by artificial intelligence – Bots can be used to automate simple tasks such as delivering product information or answering frequent enquiries.


Ease of use

Support channels on social media

Automation of processes

Management of the auto-ticket queue


Intercom is not the most affordable support desk software available.

Pricing begins at $59.00 per month.

Intercom is a website that allows you to communicate with other

  1. SpiceWorks Help Desk is the best free help desk email system available.

SpiceWorks Help Desk is a free-to-use software designed to assist in the management and maintenance of a help desk or service desk. Asset management, ticketing, reporting, a knowledge base, and other services are included.

Although this program was designed with small businesses in mind, it can be used by anyone.

You may use Spiceworks Help Desk’s User Portal to allow your users to submit new tickets and track the status of existing ones without constantly contacting you. You can also save time by storing answers to frequently asked user questions in the Knowledge Base.


Custom Fields – You can track any information about tickets that is useful to you and your team using custom fields.

Agent Collaboration – Agents can work together to handle tickets more quickly. This is ideal for teams who are spread out across multiple time zones.

Ticket Filters – You can use filters to assign, reassign, or delete tickets automatically depending on certain criteria. This is a fantastic technique to keep your inbox clean and tidy.


It is completely free to use

Portal for Users

Base of Information

Fields that can be customized

Filters for Tickets


Not suitable for large-scale operations.

Free of charge

Spiceworks is a great place to go.

What is a support desk, exactly?

A help desk is a ticketing system that allows businesses to track and manage customer assistance concerns. It’s a computerized system that allows CSRs to log, track, and handle customer complaints.

Customers can also open tickets for support issues through the help desk application. After that, the ticketing system sends it to a support professional who works to remedy the problem.

Customers can also check the development of their tickets and receive updates on the resolution status via the help desk system.

Do you want to reduce customer complaints while improving your interactions? What if we told you that you could also improve your lead conversion rate in the process? Using email tracking software, you can do all of this. In 2022, we’ve compiled a list of the top email tracking tools.

What exactly is a ticket?

A ticket is a record of a problem that has been reported and assigned to a customer service representative. The ticket includes all relevant information, such as the customer’s contact information, the issue’s details, and any supporting paperwork.

How Can Help Desk Assist You in Simplifying Your Customer Service?

Small and large businesses alike are seeking for ways to improve customer service, and employing help desk software is one method to do it. This type of software can assist your consumers obtain the help they need while also streamlining your customer service process.

The following are some of the most essential aspects of help desk software, as well as how they can assist your company.

Management of Tickets

You can use Help Desk software to create and manage tickets for customer service requests. You can quickly allocate tickets to specific team members, track their progress, and set due dates for each ticket. This ensures that all customer support queries are dealt with promptly.

Customer Service Portal

A customer portal, a web-based interface that allows your customers to submit and track support tickets, is included in many help desk software systems. Your customers can get the help they need using the customer portal, which eliminates the need for them to call or email your support personnel.

Base of Information

A knowledge base is a collection of articles that explain how to use a product or service. Customers can access the information they need to address common problems more easily using help desk software that includes a knowledge base. Answers to frequently asked questions can also be stored in the knowledge base.


Customer support activity can be reported in detail using Help Desk software. This data can assist you in tracking the status of your customer support activities and identifying areas for improvement.

In the year 2022, what is the finest email help desk software?

Overall, the best email help desk software is one that provides a diverse set of features and functions while remaining simple to use. It should also be cost-effective and scalable, allowing your company to expand. We propose Zendesk if you’re seeking a new email help desk software.


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