5 Best Manhwa/Webtoons You Must Read if You are A True Webtoons Fan

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Best manhwa top
Best manhwa top

Best Manhwa, In the Korean language, the term “manhwa” translates to “webcomics,” and some people even refer to them as “webtoons.” It makes no difference what you call them as long as you are aware of their existence.

Reading a manhwa has provided me with a wealth of new experiences, and I’ve mostly quit reading comics since falling in love with Korean webtoons.

The world of manhwa is huge, covering everything from action to fantasy genres, as well as some astonishing things. The artwork is the one thing that can make manhwa as good as or even better than the manga.

Even if you’ve read some comics that start off well but eventually fall apart, trust me when I say that Korean webtoons are amazing at telling stories. So, let’s have a look at some of the best manhwa/best webtoons that users love.

Best Manhwa You Must Read!

1. Solo Leveling

Solo leveling - Best Manhwa you must read
  • Action and Fantasy are two genres that can be found in this film.
  • 150+ chapters

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Solo Leveling if you’ve read even a little amount of manhwa. For novices to the manhwa world, it has become a doorway in recent years.

Isekai anime fans are sure to appreciate this one because it tries its hardest to meet everyone’s expectations, and occasionally even exceeds them.

The story takes place in a world where portals connecting Monsters and the Real World pop up in unexpected places around the globe. Humans develop the ability to combat them after a long period of time. People that combat these monsters are referred to as “Hunters.”

You can level up your powers and become a ranker depending on your successes in the realm of Solo Leveling, however, the main character is far too powerful. This one’s exploits are much different and far more grandiose than the others you’ve seen or read.


2. The Breaker

The Breaker- Best Manhwa you must read!
  • Action, School Life, and Martial Arts are some of the genres explored in this film.
  • 70+ chapters

The Breaker is a great name for a movie. The manhwa’s main character, as the title suggests, becomes an obstacle-breaker via his determination. Shioon is a common target of bullying at Nine Dragons High School.

Shioon decides to enter a Martial Arts academy after his new English teacher, Chun Woo, challenges him not to fight back.

But first, he observes Chun Woo’s fighting prowess and decides to become his disciple by chance. Chun Woo, on the other hand, accepts him as a disciple if Shioon can show that he can put his life on the line.

The Breaker, like every other action manhwa, teaches the viewer about battling spirit. As a result, it is one of the most popular webtoons/manhwa out there.

But what sets it apart from the rest is that the premise is more than just an inspiring story. It has a few twists that will make the reader look at the page with trepidation. It’s probably not surprising that it’s on a list of the top manhwa/best Korean webtoons.


3. Catharsis

Catharsis- Best Manhwa to Read
  • Fantasy and psychological thrillers are among the genres covered.
  • 180+ Chapters

I won’t blame you if you have high expectations for this manhwa; it is, after all, a high-standard manhwa. It contains beautiful artwork, an interesting tale, and, most importantly, interesting characters.

What else do you require to read such fantastic work? So, if you’re looking for an excellent manhwa to read, this one should be on your list. If at all possible, read it as soon as possible because it is one of the best manhwas available.

Leon is the protagonist of the novel, and he understands terror to some level because of the nightmares he has. Because of his uncommon skill, he can recognize people just in their voice. However, when he finds the existence of monsters, his greatest fears come true.

However, he finally discovers a means to solve his nightmares and the riddles surrounding his talent after discovering an organization called “Catharsis,” which battles against these dangerous monsters. It’s a must-read and one of the best manhwa/webtoons currently available.

4. Sweet Home

Sweet Home- Best Manhwa to Read!
  • Horror, Thriller, and Apocalyptic
  • 140 Chapters

Sweet Home is a Psychological Horror manhwa that has a strong sense of suspense. The plot follows Cha Hyun, who was previously a shut-in but was forced to relocate due to a tragedy. His entire family was killed in a vehicle accident, and he is now alone.

He tries to commit suicide because he can’t live without his family, but an unbelievable incident changes everything. He observes individuals in his flat turning into monsters, and now he must survive as a result of these unforeseen events.

This webtoon will appeal to fans of the horror, psychological, and zombie genres. While the first few chapters give you no notion of what’s going on, each subsequent chapter brings you closer to solving the mystery.

The characterization is the manhwa’s biggest selling feature, and the degree of execution will astound you. As a result, we recommend Sweet Home webtoon as one of the best manhwa/webtoons available.

5. Dead Days

Dead Days- Best Manhwa to Read!
  • Chapters: 45
  • Genres: Zombie Apocalypse, Horror, Psychological

By looking at the title, I’m guessing you’ve already figured out what the manhwa is about. It is, in fact, a zombie manhwa. Jingook is trapped in his room on the fourth day of a zombie apocalypse when her mother transforms into a zombie.

He resolves to face the world of zombies while running short of both food and water. But it isn’t as simple as he imagines. Is he going to make it? It’s one of the most fascinating and terrifying manhwas you’ll ever encounter.

I was hesitant to read it at first because it wasn’t one of the top-tier manhwas, but once I did, the art alone had me captivated. But I believe it is one of the best manhwas ever written.

The plot is engrossing, and you’re continually anticipating the situation in which you’ll be stunned. From our list of the best manhwa/best webtoons/best Korean webcomics, we felt it would be one of your favorites.

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