Best Share to Buy In Nepal 2021

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Best Share to Buy In Nepal 2021
Best Share to Buy In Nepal 2021

Best Share to Buy In Nepal 2021 – People expect to make money when they buy stock in a company. In Nepal, which share is the best to buy?
Blue-chip stocks earn a lot of money and distribute a lot of dividends to their shareholders.
Large, well-established, and financially strong companies that have been in existence for a long time and have steady earnings, often paying dividends to shareholders.

Best Share to Buy In Nepal 2021

Best Share to Buy In Nepal 2021

A blue-chip stock’s market capitalization is typically in the billions of dollars. It is frequently the market leader for all of these reasons. Blue-chip stocks are among the most popular among investors.

Several blue-chip stocks in Nepal’s capital market provide investors outstanding long-term profits. We examined Nepal’s top eight blue-chip stocks and ranked them by business type.

In Nepal, which share is the best to buy?

The Top 8 Stocks to Buy are listed below!

Commercial & Development Banks

  1. Nabil Bank Ltd (NABIL)
  2. NIC Asia Bank Ltd (NICA)

Non-Life Insurance

  1. Shikhar Insurance Company Limited (SICL)
  2. Sagarmatha Insurance Company Limited(SIC)

Life Insurance

1.Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited(NLIC)
2.Life Insurance Corporation Nepal(LICN)


  1. Chilime Hydropower Company Limited (CHCL)
  2. Butwal Power Company Limited(BPCL)

How can I buy shares in Nepal?

For buy and sale of share online in Nepal you must follow some procedure

1. Visit your share broker.
2. Fills the agreement form.
3. Deposit cheque or amount for a certain % of the transaction.
4. Then your broker will provide you the URL link for the Nepse TMS website, password, and user ID which is client ID.

Which is the best share to buy in Nepal?

1. Banks/ Development Banks. Nabil Bank Limited (NABIL)
2. Life Insurance. Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited (NLIC)
3. Non-Life Insurance. Shikhar Insurance Company Limited (SICL)
4. Microfinance. Chhimek Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited (CBBL)
5. Hydropower.
6. Others.

Which company has the highest share price in Nepal?

Nepal Telecom (NTC) is the most valued company with a market capitalization of Rs. 209.10 Arba. Nabil Bank Limited (NABIL) is second with a market value of Rs. 175.24 Arba.

DISCLAIMER: Trading in futures, stocks, and options carries a high risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Futures, stocks, and options valuations may change, causing clients to lose more than their initial investment. To understand and trade more effectively, it is recommended that you talk with a pro-investor or supported investment body.

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