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Gramho is a website that compiles data from Instagram’s public profiles. The free application displays information such as account popularity rate, average likes per post, and average comments per post, making it valuable for both social media management pros and users who wish to monitor their own profile’s performance.


What is Gramho.

Gramho allows you to access Stories anonymously, in addition to comparing stats between two or more profiles. Here’s how to use Instagram, as well as how to determine if there are any concerns and how data is collected.

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How Gramho works

Gramho is a free application for analyzing Instagram profile statistics such as account popularity, average likes per post, and average comments per post. The site does not require registration, which means you do not need to log in with your Instagram account to view the content.


Gramho’s statistics are derived through scraping, a technology that allows you to acquire data made publically available in databases and social networks – in this case, Instagram – in an automatic manner. You can’t evaluate statistics from private profiles because the software only processes publicly available data.

Main functions of Gramho

Gramho stands out since it offers free Instagram profile analysis. Five pieces of information are revealed by the platform: account popularity, average likes per post, average comments per post, average time between posts, and photo and video aspect ratio.

Gramho also allows you to browse other people’s Instagram content privately. The feature is useful for people who don’t have a Facebook account but want to look at someone’s profile, as well as users who wish to view Stories anonymously. You can also save Stories, photographs, and videos that have been published in the feed on the platform.


Is it safe to use Gramho?

yes. In order to use Gramho, you do not need to reveal your Instagram login details. This means that you are not at risk of account theft or personal data interception, in addition to being able to exploit profiles anonymously.

However, it’s vital to note that the program violates Instagram’s terms of service. Scraping is prohibited by the social network, despite the fact that it is not unlawful. “You can’t try to establish accounts, access, or acquire information utilizing it in unlawful methods,” according to Instagram’s guidelines, which includes automated data scraping.

How to Make Gramho Work for You

Gramho is easy to use. To examine a profile’s statistics, go to and type the username of the account you’re looking for into the site search field. Click on the desired profile in the results list after you’ve found it. The statistics are prominently presented at the top of the page. Select the “Download” button for photographs and videos posted to the feed, or the icon with the blue arrow for Stories, if you want to download some content.


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