How to make end portal in Minecraft?

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End Portals in Minecraft are the best way to discover the Ender Dragon and access the End biome. Keep perusing to figure out how to make End Portal in Minecraft.

In Minecraft, the End Portal is a novel structure that is utilized to enter the End biome. The game offers players two unique approaches to get an End Portal; the main strategy expects you to make the casing yourself, while the subsequent technique includes looking through a casing that has just been amassed in a Stronghold. Here’s a gander at how you can make it yourself.

How to make End Portal in Minecraft

How to make End Portal in Minecraft?

Here are the materials you should make an End Portal in Minecraft.

  1. 12 Eyes of Ender
  2. 12 End Portal Frames

Crafting the End Portal from scratch


Perhaps the most straightforward ways players can head out to the End biome is by making their own End Portal utilizing the over two materials. You need to construct the End Portal remaining in one spot while putting the entryway outlines in a hover around you. This is an essential advance to guarantee that the Ender Eyes are confronting the correct course to empower the gateway.

1. Make the Frame

The main thing you need to do is make the casing for the End Portal from 12 end gateway outlines. Add three end entryway edges to construct one side of the gateway and go to the correct side to add three extra end entryway outlines for the opposite side of the entrance. Likewise ensure that the tabs in green which you find on top of end entryway outlines are confronting within segment of the gateway.


In the subsequent stage, you need to go to one side and add another three end entryway outlines for the following side of the gateway. Presently, go to one side and add the excess three edges. Here’s a glance at what it ought to resemble:

End Pin Minecraft
credit: minecraft

2. Add the Eye of Ender to finish the End Portal

Whenever you have made the edge, your subsequent stage is to finished the End Portal. To do this, you essentially need to add the 12 Eyes of Ender. Add the Ender Eyes inside every one of the end gateway outline blocks by remaining in the entry.


In any case, you don’t need to add the twelfth one as you remain in the center. This is on the grounds that it will enact the End Portal and transport you to the End biome. Along these lines, ensure that you venture out prior to setting the last Eye of Ender.

End Portal in Minecraft
credit: minecraft

In the wake of adding the last Eye of Ender, your End Portal will be actuated.

How to Make an End Portal in Creative?

Step 1: Gather Materials


In the stock, you will require 16 ender entryway casings and 16 eye of enders.

Step 2: Place Materials

Make a 5 by 5 square with the casings yet leave out the corners.


Step 3: Activate

Initiate the entry by right clicking an eye of ender in each casing. The writing is on the wall! Presently you can hop in and battle the ender winged serpent.

How do I activate an end portal?

You can make an end entry in endurance cheats or imaginative!


Things required: 9 irregular squares (Don’t utilize the squares that the entry is on), 9 end entryway parts, 12 eyes of ender (Blaze powder + ender pearl)

Stage 1: Make a 3 by 3 opening in the ground (1 square profound)

Stage 2: Fill it in with irregular squares (Not the squares that the entry is on)


Stage 3: Stand at the center of the 3 by 3 squares and begin puting down the end entrance peices (Please remain at the center and don’t move)

Stage 4: Fill the end entry with eyes of ender

DONE, you’re all set!


why is my end portal not working?

To ensure it works, remain inside the edge while putting the end entrance blocks. Simply try to move prior to actuating it, or you’ll get transported!

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