Indian baby boy names | Indian baby boy names from A to Z with meaning.

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indian baby boy names
indian baby boy names

This article contains Indian baby boy names, Indian baby boy names from A, Indian baby boy names unique, and also Indian baby boy names modern. If you are searching for Indian baby boy names from A to Z with their meanings then this is the best article you can get on the internet.

Here is the list of Indian baby boy names from A to Z with meanings

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  1. Aadesh

Aadesh is a striking and mainstream Indian name that signifies “request” or “order.”

  1. Aadrik

The name Aadrik alludes to “the sun ascending between the mountains.”

  1. Aakash

The name Aakash has been a significant well known Indian child kid name and signifies “sky.”

  1. Aahan

The name Aahan alludes to “day break, dawn, or first beam of light.”

  1. Aarav

Aarav is a well known decision among Indian guardians. The name Aarav signifies “shrewdness.” It additionally signifies “one who is quiet.”

  1. Aarnik

The name Aarnik signifies “being one of its sort or something one of a kind.”

  1. Abhay

In the event that you need your kid to develop into a brave man, at that point name him Abhay. The name Abhay signifies “daring.”

  1. Abhimanyu

Abhimanyu was the name of Arjun’s child in Mahabharata. You can likewise name your child Abhi, which is a humble of the name Abhimanyu.

  1. Abhinav

The name Abhinav has its birthplace from a Sanskrit word that signifies “interesting.” Abhinav additionally signifies “brilliant and shrewd.”

  1. Adit

Adit is a minor of the name Aditya. The variety of the name is as mainstream as the first structure. Adit signifies “from the earliest starting point.”

  1. Adhyan

The name Adhyan signifies “one who is rising.”

  1. Adrith

Another name for Lord Vishnu, Adrith, alludes to “one who underpins others.”

  1. Advaith

The name Advaith signifies “extraordinary” or “liberated from duality.”

  1. Advik

A quick and painless kid name, Advik, signifies “imagination.”

  1. Agastya

The name Agastya has its source from “Agastya,” a respected Vedic savvy according to the Hindu folklore.

  1. Ajay

The name Ajay signifies “one who is strong.” In old India, the title ‘Ajay’ alluded to “the victorious rulers.”

  1. Akshaj

A name that accompanies a strict cause, Akshaj, signifies “a thunderclap.” Akshaj additionally alludes to “Master Vishnu.”

  1. Akshant

The name Akshant alludes to “a person who needs to win constantly.”

  1. Akshat

The name Akshat alludes to “one who can nor be hurt nor harmed.”

  1. Akshay

A famous name for young men, Akshay, signifies “one who is godlike.”

  1. Amandeep

Amandeep is a famous Punjabi name which signifies, “the light of harmony.”

  1. Amey

The name Amey alludes to “one who is liberated from duplicity and blunder.” Amey likewise has a strict root and is another name for Lord Ganesha.

  1. Anik

The name Anik signifies “solid.” It is likewise one of the numerous names of Lord Ganesha.

  1. Aniket

A name that has a strict inception, Aniket, is another name for Lord Shiva.

  1. Anishk

The name Anishk alludes to “one who has no adversaries and enemies.”

  1. Ankit

The name Ankit signifies “an image.” The name Ankit likewise signifies “recognized or the anointed one.”

  1. Ansh

The name signifies “segment” or “day.” The name is likewise utilized for alluding Lord Vishnu.

  1. Anshul

A one of a kind and current name, Anshul alludes to the “person who is brilliant, brilliant, and sparkles like a sunbeam.”

  1. Anvit

A remarkable name, Anvit, alludes to “a person who drives/guides others.”

  1. Arijit

The name Arijit alludes to “one who wins over his foes.” Arijit is additionally the name of Lord Krishna and Subhadra’s child.

  1. Arjun

Arjun is another customary top choice, likely on account of its relationship with the unbelievable saint of Mahabharata. The name Arjun signifies “honor, splendid, and gutsy.”

  1. Arnav

The name Arnav signifies “sea” or “ocean.” It additionally signifies “waves.”

  1. Aruj

The name Aruj alludes to the “brilliant rising sun.” Aruj likewise signifies “one who is conceived of the Sun.”

  1. Arush

Arush is a short and extraordinary name beginning with the most loved letters in order ‘A’. The name signifies ‘first beams of the sun’.

  1. Aryan

A name has its inception from a Sanskrit word which signifies, “profound or somebody honorable.” The name Aryan likewise signifies “old.”

  1. Ashok

The name Ashok has its inception from “Ashoka,” an extraordinary leader of the Mauryan Dynasty. The name Ashok signifies “glad and substance.”

  1. Ashvik

Ashvik alludes to “one who is honored to be victorious.”

  1. Atharv

The name Atharv is an incredible decision for profoundly slanted guardians. The name Atharv alludes to “the principal Veda.” Atharv is additionally another name for Lord Ganesha.

  1. Avaneesh

Another name for Lord Ganesha, Avaneesh alludes to the “Ruler or Master of the Earth/entire world.”

  1. Avik

The name Avik has its source from a Sanskrit word, which signifies “daring and valiant.”

  1. Aviraj

An ideal name for your little ruler, the name Aviraj signifies “Lord of Kings.” Aviraj likewise intends to “sparkle splendidly like the sun.”

  1. Avyan

Another name for Lord Ganesha, Avyan, alludes to “a person with no blemishes.”

  1. Avyukt

The name Avyukt alludes to “one with an unmistakable psyche.” Avyukt additionally has a strict source, being another name for Lord Krishna.

  1. Ayaan

The name Ayaan signifies “best of luck and predetermination.” It is additionally used to allude a lucky individual.

  1. Ayansh

An important name for your little expert, Ayansh, signifies “God’s blessing.” The name Ayansh likewise alludes to the “primary beams of light.”

  1. Ayush

The name Ayush signifies “seemingly perpetual” or “somebody with a long life.”

  1. Bharat

The name Bharat has a few implications. It is the Hindi name for India. Bharat additionally signifies “cunning” or the “Lord of fire.”

  1. Bhargav

A sobriquet of Lord Shiva, Bhargav, intends to “accomplish brilliance.”

  1. Chandan

It is a name enlivened commonly and means the Sandalwood tree in Hindi.

  1. Chirag

The name Chirag starts from a Sanskrit word, which implies the “light.”

  1. Chetan

The name Chetan signifies “knowledge” or “life.” The name additionally signifies “soul of life.”

  1. Daiwik

A popular name for your infant kid, Daiwik, implies something “sacrosanct” or “divine.” Daiwik additionally signifies “by the beauty of God.”

  1. Daksh

The name Daksh signifies “valuable child.” It additionally signifies “gifted” or “superb.”

  1. Dilip

The name signifies “ruler,” “safeguard,” or “defender.” The name Dilip additionally alludes to “progenitors of Lord Rama.”

  1. Darsh

Darsh is an advanced variety of Lord Krishna’s name. The name Darsh additionally alludes to that time when “the moon just gets obvious.”

  1. Darshil

The name Darshil alludes to “one who is gorgeous, appealing, and calm.”

  1. Deepak

The name Deepak signifies “light” or “light.”

  1. Dev

A well known name for your kid, Dev, signifies “God or Lord.”

  1. Devansh

The name has otherworldly starting points and signifies “a piece of God.”

  1. Dhruv

The name Dhruv alludes to the “post star (Dhruv Tara).”

  1. Dhruvam

The name Dhruvam signifies, “the suffering sound.” The name Dhruvam likewise signifies “paradise.”

  1. Dipankar

The name Dipankar signifies “light or fire.”

  1. Divyansh

An in vogue name, Divyansh, signifies “a piece of God and the heavenly light.”

  1. Durjoy

The name Durjoy alludes to the “Moon.”

  1. Eklavya

The name Eklavya has recorded essentialness in Indian folklore. Eklavya was a faithful and bold understudy of Dronacharya.

  1. Eshaanth

A name with a strict noteworthiness, Eshaanth, is “another name for Lord Vishnu.”

  1. Gaurav

The name Gaurav signifies “honor or pride.” The name Gaurav additionally signifies “poise.”

  1. Gautam

The name Gautam signifies “smartest.” Gautam is additionally another name for Lord Buddha.

  1. Govinda

Govinda is a variety of Govind, and it is another name for Lord Krishna.

  1. Gurdeep

Gurdeep is a well known Punjabi name, which signifies “light of the instructor.”

  1. Hari

Hari signifies “the person who eliminates evil.” Hari is additionally another name for Lord Krishna.

  1. Harish

A name with a strict essentialness, Harish is another name for Lord Vishnu.

  1. Cruel

The name Harsh signifies “satisfaction,” “energy,” or “joy.”

  1. Harshad

The name Harshad alludes to “one who gives delight and bliss.”

  1. Hemant

It signifies “late-fall season” or “gold.” It is additionally another name for “Master Buddha.”

  1. Himansh

The name Himansh, alludes to “he who is a piece of Lord Shiva.”

  1. Himanshu

A one of a kind name for your child, Himanshu, alludes to the “Moon.”

  1. Hitansh

Hitansh signifies “Master of Goodness.” Hitansh additionally signifies “a well-wisher.”

  1. Hiten

A stylish name, Hiten, has its name got from a Sanskrit word which signifies, “the heart.”

80, Hridhaan

The name Hridhaan signifies “the heart.” Hridhaan additionally alludes to a “kind, liberal, and merciful individual.”

  1. Hrithik

Hrithik was the name of a sage in Indian folklore. The name Hrithik signifies “a savvy individual.”

  1. Indra

The name Indra has a strict foundation. Indra is the “Lord of all the Gods” in Indian folklore.

  1. Ishaan

Ishaan is another name for Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. Ishaan additionally signifies “the Sun” and “harbinger of wealth.”

  1. Ishank

The name Ishank alludes to the “pinnacle of the strong Himalayas.” Ishank likewise alludes to the pair of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva.

  1. Ivaan

The name Ivaan signifies “the Sun.” The name Ivaan additionally signifies “brilliant and benevolent endowment of God.”

  1. Jagan

Jagan, the modest of Jagannath, and it signifies “world” or “universe.” The name is additionally another name for Lord Vishnu.

  1. Jai

The name Jai comes from a Sanskrit word signifying “triumph.”

  1. Jatin

The name Jatin has a strict root and is one of the numerous names of Lord Shiva. The name Jatin additionally alludes to “a person with tangled hair.”

  1. Jeet

The name Jeet signifies, “triumph, achievement, or win.” The name Jeet additionally alludes to “one who conquers every one of his issues.”

  1. Jyotiraditya

One of the numerous names of Lord Krishna, Jyotiraditya, signifies “the dazzling quality of the Sun.”

  1. Kabir

Kabir is the name of an adored Sufi holy person, and it signifies “amazing.”

  1. Kairav

The name Kairav signifies “one who is conceived from the water.” Kairav additionally alludes to “white lotus.”

  1. Kamal

The name Kamal alludes to the Lotus blossom.

  1. Kanishk

The name Kanishk has its inception from the name of an “antiquated ruler who followed Buddhism.”

  1. Karan

The name starts from “Karna,” who was a character in Mahabharata. The name signifies “a canny and gifted fighter or individual.”

  1. Karthik

The name Karthik is demonstrative of a month in the Hindu schedule. Karthik likewise signifies “one who presents boldness.”

  1. Kapil

The name Kapil has its source from “Kapila,” a loved sage of the Vedic occasions. It is likewise another name for Lord Shiva, and signifies “blameless.”

  1. Kavan

The name Kavan starts from an Indian word which signifies, “sonnet or verse.”

  1. Kavyansh

The name Kavyanash signifies “shrewdness and insight.” Kavyansh additionally signifies “one who is brought into the world with verse.”

  1. Kiaan

A lovable name for your child, Kiaan, signifies “by God’s effortlessness.”

  1. Kiyansh

The name Kiyansh alludes to an “individual favored with great and respectable characteristics.”

  1. Krish

Krish is an advanced variation of the Lord Krishna’s name. Guardians would adore their youngsters to have Lord Krishna’s characteristics of mind, appeal, and acumen.

  1. Kshitij

A novel name, Kshitij alludes to “Ruler of the Earth.” The name Kshitij likewise alludes to “where the earth and the sky meet.”

  1. Kunal

The name Kunal starts from a Sanskrit word which signifies, “Lotus.” The name Kunal likewise alludes to “one who sees excellence in all things.”

  1. Kush

As indicated by Indian folklore, Kush was the name of “one of the twin children of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita.” The name Kush likewise alludes to the “consecrated or sacred grass.”

  1. Kushal

Kushal is an awesome choice for guardians searching for an in vogue name for their child kid. Kushal signifies “sharp” or “great.”

  1. Lakshya

The name Lakshya signifies “target or objective.”

  1. Lakshit

The name Lakshit has its cause from a Sanskrit word, which alludes to a “recognized individual.” Lakshit additionally signifies “desire” or “yearning.”

  1. Lalit

The name Lalit signifies “attractive, enchanting, and effortless.”

  1. Extravagant

The name Lavish alludes to the “Lord of Love.”

  1. Madhavaditya

This name is framed by the blend of two names, “Madhav” and “Aditya.” Madhavaditya is to be sure a novel name and signifies “of the springtime.”

  1. Madhavan

A name that has strict noteworthiness, Madhavan, is one of the numerous names of Lord Shiva.

  1. Malhar

The name Malhar has its starting point from “Malhara,” a mainstream Raga/Raag in the Indian old style music.

  1. Manish

The name Manish has been being used since antiquated occasions. It signifies “the God of psyche.”

  1. Manoj

It signifies “something that begins from the psyche.” The name likewise signifies “love” or “warmth.”

  1. Manvik

The name Manvik alludes to “a sort hearted person.” Manvik additionally signifies “knowledge.”

  1. Mayank

The name Mayank alludes to the Moon. Mayank likewise alludes to an “person who is quiet and peaceful like the moon.”

  1. Mayukh

The name Mayukh alludes to “one who is brimming with quality and splendor.”

  1. Mayuresh

The name Mayuresh alludes to “one who rides the peacock.” In Indian folklore, Mayuresh is another name for Lord Karthikeyan, who is the child of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva.

  1. Mehul

Mehul is an incredible decision on the off chance that you are searching for a straightforward name for your child. The name Mehul signifies “downpour.”

  1. Mihir

The name Mihir alludes to the “beams of the Sun.”

  1. Miransh

A special name, Miransh, alludes to a “little piece of the sea.”

  1. Mitansh

The name Mitansh signifies “a companion.” The name Mitansh likewise signifies “sweet.”

  1. Mohan

Mohan is another name for Lord Krishna. Mohan represents “one who can entrance individuals around him by his style, appeal, and looks.”

  1. Nakul

Nakul was the name of one of the five Pandavas and the twin sibling of Sahdev. Nakul is another name for Lord Shiva.

  1. Naitik

The name Naitik alludes to a “well-intentioned individual with extraordinary ethics.”

  1. Naksh

The name Naksh alludes to the “Moon.”

  1. Naman

A popular name, Naman, signifies “welcome or to bow down before the maker.”

  1. Navin

The name Navin signifies “new.”

  1. Nayan

The name Nayan signifies “eyes.” Nayan additionally alludes to “an incredibly delighted and cheerful individual.”

  1. Neil

Neil is a variety of the name Neel, which signifies “blue,” an exemplary illustration of giving an advanced contort to customary names.

  1. Nihal

The name Nihal signifies “effective” or “positive.” The name Nihal likewise signifies “attractive” or “prosperous.”

  1. Nikit

A popular name, Nikit, alludes to “one who is straightforward and has divine intelligence.”

  1. Nikshith

The name Nikshith alludes to “a person with a sharp character.”

  1. Nikunj

A special name, Nikunj, alludes to a “bowerbird or a flying creature’s home.” The name Nikunj likewise signifies “the sweet-smelling aroma.”

  1. Nirav

The name Nirav alludes to something “quiet a lot.”

  1. Nirved

The name signifies “a blessing from Gods.”

  1. Nishant

The name Nishant has its birthplace from a Sanskrit word which signifies, “sunrise or early morning.” Nishant likewise alludes to the “Moon.”

  1. Nitesh

An in vogue name, Nitesh alludes to “one who is knowledgeable in the law.”

  1. Nivan

The name Nivan alludes to something devout or holy. Nivan likewise signifies “bound or restricted.”

  1. Om

Om is a customary Indian name that alludes to a consecrated syllable in the Hindu religion.

  1. Omkar

The name has its birthplace in “Om,” which is viewed as a consecrated Hindu syllable. Omkar is additionally another name for Lord Ganesha.

  1. Pankaj

One of the numerous names of Lord Brahma, Pankaj, is characteristic of the “lotus blossom.”

  1. Parag

The name Parag has its starting point in a Sanskrit word which signifies, “dusts of the bloom.”

  1. Parikshit

The name Parikshit has its birthplace in Ramayana, and alludes to the “child of Abhimanyu.” The name Parikshit additionally alludes to “one who has been tried.”

  1. Parth

Parth is an excellent name for your much-treasured infant. Parth signifies “way.”

  1. Parthik

The name Parthik signifies “unadulterated and honest.”

  1. Parthiv

The name Parthiv starts from a word that signifies “child or sovereign of the Earth.”

  1. Prabhas

A novel name, Prabhas, signifies “brightness or glossy.”

  1. Pranav

The name Pranav comes from Om, the Hindu hallowed image. Pranav is the “early stage mantra” for the Hindus. It is additionally one of the names for Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.

  1. Praneeth/Pranith

The name Praneeth/Pranith has its birthplace from a Sanskrit word that implies the “Omnipotent God.” The name Praneeth additionally signifies “tranquility,” “humility,” or “one who is as valuable and dear as life.”

  1. Pransh

Another name for Lord Vishnu, Pransh, alludes to “one who is loaded with life.”

  1. Prashant

The name Prashant signifies “serenity.” Prashant additionally alludes to a “without a care in the world person.”

  1. Prateek

The name Prateek alludes to the “primary word in a sentence.” The name Prateek likewise signifies “image.”

  1. Pratham

The name Pratham has its beginning in a Sanskrit word that signifies, “first or number one.”

  1. Pratyush

The name Pratyush has its inception in a Sanskrit word which signifies, “sunrise.” Pratyush additionally alludes to “an individual who is splendid and brilliant like the sun.”

  1. Prem

The importance of the name Prem is “love” or “darling.”

  1. Pritam

The name Pritam signifies “a friend or family member.”

  1. Priyanshu

A remarkable name, Priyanshu, alludes to the “primary beams of the sun.”

  1. Priyom

The name Priyom alludes to “one who is cherished by the whole gang.”

  1. Pulkit

The name Pulkit intends to be “excited or thrilled.”

  1. Purav

A name with an intriguing importance, Purav, alludes to the “singing or reciting voice that comes from the East at dawn.”

  1. Raghav

It is another name for Lord Rama. The name Raghav additionally alludes to “relatives of Lord Rama.”

  1. Rahul

The name signifies “productive” and “skilled.” Rahul was likewise the name of child of Lord Buddha

  1. Rajesh

The name Rajesh signifies “Ruler of Kings” or “Master, all things considered.”

  1. Rajiv

It alludes to somebody who is “effective” or somebody who is “an achiever.” The name likewise signifies “blue lotus.”

  1. Rajvir

The name Rajvir alludes to a “daring and incredible ruler.”

  1. Rakesh

The name Rakesh has its root from “Raka,” a Sanskrit word that alludes to “full moon.” The name Rakesh additionally signifies “Master of the full moon.”

  1. Ramesh

Ramesh is one of the names of Lord Vishnu, and signifies, “one who saves others from issues.”

  1. Ranveer

The name Ranveer implies a “victor or one who is a saint of the fight.

  1. Rajat

The name Rajat alludes to “one who is valiant.” The name Rajat additionally signifies “silver.”

  1. Raunak

A special name, Raunak has its name got from a Sanskrit word that signifies “pride and wonder.” The name likewise signifies “bliss and light.”

  1. Reyansh

Reyansh signifies “first beams of light.” Reyansh is likewise one of the numerous names of Lord Vishnu.

  1. Riddhiman

A special name, Riddhiman, alludes to “one who has a favorable luck.”

  1. Rihan

Another name for Lord Vishnu, Rihan, alludes to the “passage of the paradise.” The name Rihan likewise signifies “one who crushes adversaries.”

  1. Rishabh

A well known name, it signifies “unrivaled” or “amazing.” The name likewise signifies “profound information.”

  1. Rishaan

Another name for Lord Shiva, Rishaan alludes to a person who “looks for edification.” The name Rishaan likewise alludes to a “great individual.”

  1. Rishaank

A name with a strict inception, Rishaank, alludes to “one who is a supporter or aficionado of Lord Shiva.”

  1. Rishit

The name Rishit alludes to a “scholarly individual or one who is the best in all things.”

  1. Ritesh

The name Ritesh alludes to “one who monitors reality.” The name Ritesh additionally alludes to the “Ruler of Seasons.”

  1. Rituraj

A special name, Rituraj, signifies “Ruler or King, everything being equal.”

  1. Rivaan

The name Rivaan signifies “a star.” Rivaan additionally alludes to a yearning and independent person.

  1. Rohan

The name Rohan signifies “rising” or “bloom.” It is additionally another name for Lord Vishnu.

  1. Rohit

The name Rohit signifies “red,” “rainbow,” or additionally alludes to “the main beams of the sun.”

  1. Ronav

The name Ronav alludes to one who is an “exemplification of elegance and appeal.”

  1. Ronit

The name Ronit alludes to “a beguiling youngster.” Ronit additionally signifies “adornment.”

  1. Rudra

Rudra is one of the names of Lord Shiva. The name Rudra likewise signifies “the remover of torment.”

  1. Sabhya

The name Sabhya signifies “refined” or “deliberate” – something that you would need your minuscule child to be the point at which he grows up.

  1. Sachin

In the event that you are an enthusiast of Sachin Tendulkar, at that point feel free to name your little munchkin after the incomparable Indian batting maestro. The name Sachin is a designation of Lord Shiva. It additionally alludes to “a person who is unadulterated and loving.”

  1. Sachit

The name Sachit is demonstrative of “one who is blissful and cognizant.”

  1. Sai

A name with gigantic strict hugeness, the name Sai has its cause from “Sai Baba.” The name Sai signifies “God or somebody blessed.”

  1. Sahil

The name Sahil for the most part alludes to the “bank of an ocean/sea.” The name Sahil likewise signifies “control.”

  1. Samar

Samar is an Indian name with an Arabic source. The name Samar comes from the Arabic word “Samara,” which signifies “reward,” “organic product,” or an “result.”

  1. Samarth

The name Samarth signifies “productive.”

  1. Samrat

The name Samrat has its cause from a Sanskrit word which signifies, “Lord or Emperor.”

  1. Sanjay

Sanjay was the name of an illustrious authority in Mahabharata. The name Sanjay signifies “successful.”

  1. Sarthak

The name Sarthak signifies “great job.”

  1. Sarvin

The name Sarvin is characteristic of “one who is the best toxophilite.” The name likewise signifies “triumph.”

  1. Sathvik

One of the numerous names of Lord Shiva, Sathvik, signifies “quiet and righteous.”

  1. Shakti

The name Shakti signifies “power.”

  1. Shamit

The name Shamit alludes to a “quiet, trained, and tranquil person.”

  1. Sharvil

Another name for Lord Krishna, the name Sharvil has its source from “Sharv,” a word which signifies “hallowed to Lord Shiva.”

  1. Shashank

One of the numerous names of Lord Shiva, Shashank, alludes to the “Moon.”

  1. Shaurya

The name signifies “dauntlessness and force.” It is additionally used to allude to a fearless individual.

  1. Shayan

The name Shayan alludes to a “polite and wise individual, who is commendable and merits beneficial things throughout everyday life.”

  1. Shivaay

A name with a strict cause, Shivaay, is one of the numerous names of Lord Shiva.

  1. Shivansh

The name Shivansh signifies “part of Lord Shiva.”

  1. Shivin

A name with a strict cause, Shivin, is another name for Lord Shiva.

  1. Shlok

A name with a strict hugeness, Shlok, alludes to “psalms or mantras in commendation of the Almighty God.”

  1. Shreyan

The name Shreyan signifies “distinction.”

  1. Shreyansh

The name Shreyansh alludes to a “fortunate/lucky individual who offers acclaim to other people.”

  1. Shreyas

The name Shreyas signifies “something favorable.” Shreyas likewise signifies “lucky” or “predominant.”

  1. Siddharth

A well known name, it signifies “one who has numerous achievements amazingly.” Siddharth has its source from “Siddhartha,” another name for Lord Buddha.

  1. Soham

A remarkable name, Soham, signifies “each spirit has God in it.”

  1. Spandan

The name Spandan alludes to the “sound of the heartbeat.”

  1. Sriansh

A name with a strict centrality, Sriansh alludes to “he who is brought into the world with a piece of Lord Vishnu.”

  1. Sriyan

Another name for Lord Vishnu, Shriyan, is framed by the association of the initial three letters from the name “Sriman” (Sri) and the last three letters from the name “Narayan” (yan).

  1. Sujal

A name with a Sanskrit cause, Sujal, signifies “unadulterated water.”

  1. Sumedh

The name Sumedh signifies “savvy and smart,” a quality that each parent needs in their youngsters.

  1. Tanay

The name Tanay signifies “a child,” an ideal name in the event that you have invited your little ruler into this world.

  1. Tanmay

The name Tanmay signifies “to be immersed.”

  1. Tarak

It begins from a Sanskrit word, and means a “star.” The name Tarak additionally signifies “defender.”

  1. Tejas

Do you need your kid to have a sharp brain? At that point you can name him Tejas, which signifies “sharpness” or “brilliance.”

  1. Tushar

The name Tushar alludes to “fog or fine drops of water (or day off).”

  1. Utkarsh

The name Utkarsh signifies “arousing.” Utkarsh additionally alludes to “flourishing.”

  1. Vaibhav

The name Vaibhav alludes to a “lucky, keen, and prosperous person.”

  1. Vansh

The name Vansh alludes to the “coming age.”

  1. Varun

As per Indian folklore, Varun is the “Ruler of water.” The name Varun additionally alludes to “Neptune.”

  1. Vatsal

A well known Indian name, Vatsal, alludes to “somebody cute and tender.”

  1. Vedanth

The name Vedanth has its cause from “Veda,” and alludes to “a definitive information or shrewdness of the Vedas.” Vedanth additionally alludes to the “Vedic strategy for self-acknowledgment.”

  1. Veer

It starts from a Sanskrit word that signifies “daring and valiant.”

  1. Vehant

The name Vehant signifies “insight and knowledge.”

  1. Vihaan

The name Vihaan signifies “first light or start of another period.”

  1. Vijay

The name Vijay signifies “triumph or achievement.”

  1. Vinay

The name Vinay is characteristic of a “modest and humble individual.”

  1. Vinod

Vinod is a name of Sanskrit inception and signifies “glad and substance.”

  1. Viraj

The name Viraj alludes to the Sun. Viraj additionally signifies “ruler,” or “shining.”

  1. Virat

The name Virat begins from a Sanskrit word, which signifies “splendid or great.” The name additionally draws motivation from “Virat Kohli,” a popular Indian cricketer.

  1. Viren

The name Viren alludes to the “Master of the hero.”

  1. Vishal

The name Vishal signifies “eminence” or “glory.” The name Vishal additionally signifies “renowned reputation.”

  1. Vishesh

A stylish name, Vishesh, signifies “something/somebody unique.”

  1. Vivaan

Another name for Lord Krishna, Vivaan, alludes to “the principal beams of the sun.”

  1. Vivek

The name Vivek signifies “still, small voice.” Vivek additionally signifies “judgment.”

  1. Vyas

The name Vyas starts from “Vyas,” a worshipped sage and researcher who “gathered the Vedas, the Puranas, and the popular Mahabharata.”

  1. Vyom

A special name, Vyom, alludes to the “sky.”

  1. Yakshit

The name Yakshit alludes to the “All-powerful God or one who will never stop to exist.”

  1. Yash

The name Yash signifies “acclaim,” “achievement,” “wonder,” or “triumph.”

  1. Yashvir

The name Yashvir, signifies “fearless and wonderful.”

  1. Yuvaan

A stylish name, Yuvaan, signifies “youthful” or “energetic.” The name Yuvaan additionally alludes to the Moon and is another name for Lord Shiva.

  1. Yuvraj

The name Yuvraj has a regal vibe to it since the name alludes to a “sovereign or beneficiary clear.”

Out of the relative multitude of astonishing names recorded here, one of them makes certain to be ideal for your son. So feel free to pick a name that is wealthy in significance and has a melodious quality. To impart to us your decision in the remarks area underneath.


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