Where is Nepal? Find out where is Nepal located.

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where is nepal located?
where is nepal located?

This article contains about Where is Nepal? Where is Nepal located and what makes you clear about the location of Nepal on the world map? This content is for those who are searching about Nepal and where is Nepal located on the world map.

As the world’s last Hindu nation, Nepal has the most striking component in the extraordinary number of sanctuaries and Gods. Meandering around Kathmandu, you will run over a little sanctuary in three stages while another cloister has just showed up in your sight. It’s not overstated to state that sanctuaries in Nepal are as much as its lodging habitations.

Structures with a solid strict shading is another feature in Nepal, where vacationers can value the middle age city, wonderful carvings, and so on Furthermore, Nepal likewise has the wondrous variety of verdure. Chitwan National Park is a decent a valid example. It gives an official natural surroundings to a wide range of untamed life. Many jeopardized species like Asia elephant, Indian rhinoceros, Himalayan marmot, and so on are appreciating a glad life here. With a different topography, Nepal has ascended from the subtropical districts to high fields and become an extraordinary heaven for brave mountain dwellers, pilgrims and guests from everywhere the world.

Where is Nepal Located?

Numerous individuals are hazy on where Nepal is found. Nepal is a nation in the Himalayas, it is in the mainland of Asia and offers outskirts with India toward the south, east, and west, and China (Tibet) toward the north. Being important for the Indian Subcontinent, it is viewed as in the area of South Asia. Nepal isn’t in Southeast Asia yet is a well-known traveler objective for some reasons. This post covers Nepal, its area, and realities identified with Nepal’s area and topography. Nepal is one of our number one nations on the planet and we have visited ordinarily, we can share direct encounters with you just as data.

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The Himalayas mark the northern degree of the Indian subcontinent. They partition the Tibetan level from the alluvial fields of India. As Nepal lies on the southern slants of the Himalayan reaches, it is typically viewed as a component of this subcontinental district. Undoubtedly, a few pieces of Nepal, in the south, lie on this compliment Indian plain locale. This zone is at times called the Terai.

Where Exactly is Nepal?

Try not to be humiliated on the off chance that you don’t have a clue where Nepal is on the guide, it’s extremely regular to not know. Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet are a secret to many individuals, I’ve met numerous who don’t have a clue.

Nepal is in The Himalayas, as are Tibet and Bhutan, yet the Himalayas are a tremendous mountain range extending west to east for 1,550 miles or 2,500 km. Nepal lies on the southern side of the Himalayan mountain ranges


Nepal is a little nation, landlocked, completely encased by India on three sides, and the tremendous mass of China toward the north. West to east, Nepal is roughly 800 Km or 500 miles over. Nepal’s width is in the scope of 90 to 150 miles.

Is Nepal situated in Tibet China?

Is Nepal situated in Tibet China? The appropriate response is certainly No. Truth be told, Nepal is an autonomous landlocked nation in South Asia, which lies between Tibet China, and India. Following back to antiquated history, Nepal has been an extraordinary center for Asian human advancement. Consistently, a huge number of Hindu pioneers and Buddhist priests from each edge of Asia, particularly in India and Tibet, would make their journey to Nepal.

Offering its fringe to China and India, Nepal sits between scopes 26 °and 31° N, and longitudes 80° and 89° E. The height in Nepal slips from the northern grand mountains (above 4000m) to the focal slope district (1000-4000m above ocean level) and the southern marshes (beneath 1000m). Regardless of whether you are not an expert mountain climber, you actually have different traveling trails to browse. No big surprise that multitudes of worldwide specialists, researchers, hikers, pioneers, and guests are interested in this strange nation.


Is Mount Everest in Nepal or Tibet?

Mount Everest is in both Nepal and Tibet (China). The most famous Everest Base Camp trip is in Nepal, the typical beginning stage is Lukla air terminal, notwithstanding, there is an Everest headquarters journey on the Chinese side of the mountain as well. The culmination of Mount Everest sits on the fringe among Nepal and the Tibet Autonomous Region, it is noticeable from the street on the Chinese side, the Nepali side is far less available.

Where is Nepal Located on a Map?

Nepal is of generally rectangular shape. It runs the northwest-southeast way, extending about 850km from west to east, 200 km from north to south. At the foot of the Himalayas, Nepal is home to eight of the world’s ten most elevated mountains, including Mount Everest, the most noteworthy one on the planet.

Basic Information about Nepal

Capital City: Kathmandu (1400m or 4600ft), with a populace of around 1.003 million


Seven Federal Provinces: According to plan 4 of the new Constitution, Nepal is isolated into 7 areas and 75 regions. They are just called Province No.1 to No.7.

Area: 147,181 square kilometers, the world’s 94th biggest nation

Strict Belief: Hinduism (81.3%), Buddhism (9%), Islam (4.4%), Kirant (3%), Christianity (1.4%), Animism (0.4%), Irreligion (0.5%)


Topography: northern mountain locale including Mt. Everest, the world’s most noteworthy mountain, focal slope area, southern marsh fields

Language: Nepali (official language) and English

Money: Nepalese Rupee (NPR)


Time Region: Nepal Standard Time (UTC +05:45)

Crisis Call: 100 for police,101 for fire,102 for clinical

Circumscribing Countries: India and China


Economy: Services (48.5%), Agriculture (36.1%) and Industry (15.4%)

Ethnic Groups: Tharu individuals, Limbu individuals, Lama individuals, Sherpa, and so on

Staple Food: Dal Bhat Tarkari (the bubbled rice is presented with a lentil soup and curried vegetables), Momo (Tibetan-style dumplings with Nepali flavors), and so on


Natural life: Asia elephant, Asiatic wild bear, Bengal tiger, Indian rhinoceros, Himalayan marmot, Gharial, Eurasian lynx, Indian fox, Tibetan fox, and so forth

Mineral Deposits: Iron, Copper, Lead, Zinc, and so on

Map of Nepal and Surrounding Countries

Having a limit line of 2400 kilometers, Nepal is encircled by China toward the north and India toward the east, south and west. The normal greatness of the Himalayas, Nepali assorted social legacy and significant Hinduism just as simple way to deal with Tibet and India make Nepal rank among the best 10 travel objections on the planet.

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Neighboring Countries: India and China

World’s Highest Mountains: Mount. Everest (8848m, most noteworthy, Nepal China outskirt), Kanchenjunga (8586m, third-most elevated, Nepal India fringe), Lhotse (8516m, fourth-most elevated, Nepal China fringe), Makalu (8462m, fifth-most noteworthy, Nepal China outskirt), Cho Oyu (8201, sixth-most elevated, Nepal China fringe), Dhaulagiri (8167m, seventh-most noteworthy, Nepal), Manaslu (8156m, eighth-most elevated, Nepal), Annapurna (8091m,10th most noteworthy, Nepal)

Significant Rivers In South Asia: Brahmaputra River, Ganges River, Indus River


Social Influence: China, India, Bhutan

Neighboring Attractions In Tibet: Potala Palace, Jokhang Monastery, Barkhor Street, Everest Base Camp, Ganden Monastery, Namtso Lake, Sera Monastery, Mount Kailash, Lake Manasarovar, Samye Monastery, Yamdrok Lake, Tashihunpo Monastery, and so on See more at Tibet Tourist Attractions

Neighboring Attractions In India: Taj Mahal, Amber Palace, Ganga River, Hawa Mahal, Meherangarh Fort, Red Fort, Gandhi Smriti, Gateway of India, Elephant Island, Agra Fort, Golden Temple, and so forth See more at Map of Nepal and India


Nepal and Bhutan Location

Nepal and Bhutan are discrete nations and untruth near one another in the Himalayas toward the north of India, however they don’t share a land outskirt. The distance among Nepal and Bhutan is only 433 Km from point A to point B.

It is conceivable to travel to Paro, Bhutan, from Kathmandu, or travel by street through India to arrive at Bhutan.

Nepal and Tibet

Nepal and Tibet share a fringe and it’s conceivable to travel north into Tibet from Kathmandu Nepal by street or via air. This is a well known approach to go in Tibet for mant vacationers.


The tremor in Nepal made harm the typical street to Tibet however different courses are accessible, they basically take longer.

Tibet used to be a nation in its own right, today it is important for China and is known as the Tibet Autonomous Region.

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